Shows / Events

Selection of french and international exhibitions and events where Karine Niemand has been pleased to show her work.

September 2021 Collective contemporary arts and crafts show “De Main de Maître”. Bastille Design Center (Paris, France)

March 2021 Collective contemporary art and design show “Savoir-faire des Takumi”. Art Fair Tokyo (Japan)

March 2021 Collective contemporary art and design show “Savoir-faire des Takumi”. Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (Kyoto, Japan)

February-March 2020 Collective contemporary jewellery and goldsmithing show. National Museum of

Decorative Arts (Madrid, Spain)

February-July 2019 Collective jewellery show « Love of travels ». Pôle Bijou gallery (Baccarat, France)

March 2018 Collective exhibition « Transformation : Design from Paris and Berlin ». Museum of Decorative Arts (Berlin, Germany)

September 2017 Collective exhibition « Design, arts and crafts  : Paris welcomes Berlin” . Hôtel de Ville (Paris, France)

December 2014 Solo show “Tectonics jewellery”. Arte Viva art gallery (Levallois, France)

December 2013 Collective contemporary  jewellery show « Cour des Miracles ». Alliages gallery (Lille, France)

April 2013 Collective show with Cosabeth Parriaud, textile artist. Arte Viva art gallery (Levallois, France).

December 2012 Collective show « Bubbles ». Alliages gallery (Lille, France).


Selection of special shows at “L’Atelier Envoûtant” in Paris, together with invited designers and artists.

October-November 2019 Collective show with Mr Hector, sculptor/designer : sculptures, drawings, photographies, jewellery.

April–May 2019 Collective show and installation with Christine Peter et Eloi Miehe, visual artists and designers : recent works.

November 2018-January 2019 Invited artist : Laurence Waldner, contemporary tapestry artist. Selection of recent works.

April 2017 Collective show “frameworks” with Cécile Vincent, fashion designer.

April 2016 Collective show “Nest” with Catherine Maublanc, visual artist.