Shows / Events

Selection of exhibitions and events in France and in Europe  where Karine Niemand has been pleased to show her work.

February-March 2020 Collective exhibition of contemporary jewellery and goldsmithing. National Museum of Decorative Arts (Madrid, Spain)

February-July 2019 Collective jewellery show « Love of travels ». Pôle Bijou gallery (Baccarat, France)

March 2018 Collective exhibition « Transformation : Design from Paris and Berlin ». Museum of Decorative Arts (Berlin, Germany)

September 2017 Collective exhibition « Design and crafts  : Paris welcomes Berlin” . Hôtel de Ville (Paris, France)

December 2014 Solo show “Tectonics jewellery”. Arte Viva gallery (Levallois, France)

December 2013 Collective contemporary  jewellery show « Cour des Miracles ». Alliages gallery (Lille, France)

April 2013 Collective show with Cosabeth Parriaud, textile artist. Arte Viva gallery (Levallois, France).

December 2012 Collective show « Bubbles ». Alliages gallery (Lille, France).


Selection of special shows at “L’Atelier Envoûtant” in Paris, together with invited designers and artists.

October-November 2019 Collective show with Mr Hector : sculptures, drawings, photographies, jewellery. L’Atelier Envoûtant (Paris)

April–May 2019 Collective show with Christine Peter et Eloi Miehe, artists and designers . L’Atelier Envoûtant (Paris)

April 2017 Collective show “frameworks” with Cécile Vincent, textile designer. L’Atelier Envoûtant (Paris)

April 2016 Collective show “Nest” with Catherine Maublanc, visual artist. L’Atelier Envoûtant (Paris)