Statement / Bio

High symbolic and poetic density jewellery

Karine Niemand creates  « high symbolic density jewellery », which is a concentration of poetic, precious, tactile and visual art to wear.

This organic and energetic sculptural jewellery appeals to various symbols and artistic, literature or even philosophical references and often offers several interpretations.

Since her beginnings, the artist mainly creates unique works. In that case, the jewellery comes within the scope of a « whole » artistic way and plastic practise intimately questioning various dimensions : feminity/masculinity, spirit/body work…in a word the « Life ».

Several thematics are constantly red into the produced works : the time and temporalities, celestial or earth elements, telluric forces, human-being pulsions, soul dualities, references to Vanitas.

Rare materials such as silver and gold are sculpted/constructed, forged, textured, patinated, fused together with calibrated or unique gemstones such as included quartz, opals or any inspiring materials.

The seriousness of the materials and the precision of the jewellery craft skills can however give prominence to humour, where irrationality, spontaneity and chance regularly play their role.

Artist and professional commited in transmission

Karine Niemand was born in 1975.

She graduated a master in political sciences and a master in land/town planning and carried out several professional experiences. In 2005,  while she was traveling and working in Cambodia and in Vietnam, she has decided to come back both to France and to her artistic vocation, via jewellery art and design.

She graduated in gemmology -Lyon university-  and in jewellery art and techniques at Ecole Boulle in Paris.

In september 2015, Karine Niemand has opened a studio-gallery in Paris, «L’Atelier Envoûtant » where she presents her works, organises collective exhibitions with invited artists and designers. She also takes part to shows and events dedicated to contemporary jewellery or contemporary arts.

She regularly nourishes her expression into the art jewellery field with others artistic practises like theatre, photography, drawing/painting and poetic writing.

Apart from her artistic activities,  she has commited herself in educational support -french and literature- for teenagers recently arrived in France or facing difficulties at school. Karine Niemand also welcomes jewellery students in her studio for trainings in jewellery art and techniques.